Wildoggy™ Cat Litter shovel
Wildoggy™ Cat Litter shovel
Wildoggy™ Cat Litter shovel
Wildoggy™ Cat Litter shovel
Wildoggy™ Cat Litter shovel

Wildoggy™ Cat Litter shovel

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Wildoggy™ Cat Litter Shovel 

Say goodbye to messy cat litter clean-up with this all-in-one cat litter scoop system. Simply scoop, tilt back and watch the dirty cat litter disappear into the litter compartment, all with one hand.

Cats are very clean animals. They can't stand unpleasant smells. For their hygiene and for the hygiene of your home, it is therefore good to know how to keep their litter box in the best way.


The first simple rule is to change and clean the litter tray thoroughly twice a week, remembering to remove lumps every day. If the cat notices the bad smell, it may start to consider leaving its needs somewhere else in the houset.


Often you use cleaning products to clean the box that irritate the cat, instead it would be better to use neutral cleaning products like Marseille soap.

When there are several cats in the same house, the number and location of boxes is important: generally there should be one box per cat plus an extra box in different locations.


No more pieces of litter on the floor this time! When you're done shovelling, just take the shovel off, tie the bag and throw it away.

You'll be surprised at how quick and easy it is to clean up cat litter!


Step By Step Guide

Say Goodbye to Bacteria and Bad Smells

Cat faeces do not smell good and the smell will spread throughout the house. A closed litter tray certainly helps a lot, but it's no substitute for normal collection and cleaning.

You may not notice the smell after a while, but your guests or neighbours certainly will!



Give your hard-working hands a rest and prioritise other tasks around the home. Save yourself the hassle of smelly and dirty cat litter.

Wildoggy™ Combined System

    Waste shovel and waste bag combined in one system, designed for quick cleaning.

    • Smartly designed to pick up waste
    • Dispose of your cat's poo instantly
    • Built-in hygienic litter bin
    • Lightweight handle with scoop
    • Spill-proof container
    • No more touching the poop
    • Washable and durable
    • Keep your hands clean and avoid waste
      It's made of PP plastic, which is non-toxic. The hard plastic is robust and it is easy to clean with soap and water. 

      Material: only suitable for clumping cat

      Package includes: Wildoggy™ Shovel and 90 degradable refill bags

      One-handed shovel directly into the bag

      Makes an unpleasant task a little easier

      Wildoggy™ Shovel Dimensions: 11.8*7.9*4.7 (IN) / 30*20*12(CM)

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 11 reviews
        Edward R.
        Highly recommended!

        I absolutely love this idea! It makes cleaning the litter box easy. Highly recommended!

        Logan M.

        I am so glad I found this product. I like that I don't have to use a separate bag to scoop everything into. I just have to scoop, sift a little and tilt. Great idea.

        Harry M.
        I've always hated cleaning litter boxes

        It does exactly what it's supposed to! It's easy to use and prevents waste from spilling all over the place.
        I read some reviews that said it wasn't big enough, and if your cats pee really large amounts, that's probably true and it might not work for you. But I'm glad I got it, because it works perfectly for my cats. I've always hated cleaning litter boxes, but this makes it easy and I don't dread it anymore.

        Mark B.
        Love the little bags

        I have 2 litter trays in my house for my little 7 week old kitten. I love the little bags, it's super easy to use. I usually keep it sitting horizontally so the door stays closed when I only have a little cat litter (cat balls of urine) in there. And then when she poops, I tie it up and throw it out. It's really easy and convenient, and the bags work great.

        Bill N.
        Simple shovel

        Much cheaper than an automatic scooper, and better than a pooper trash .
        It's that simple, scoop, tie bag, throw away.
        keeps your house clean and fresh