Wildoggy™ Grooming Comb
Wildoggy™ Grooming Comb
Wildoggy™ Grooming Comb
Wildoggy™ Grooming Comb

Wildoggy™ Grooming Comb

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Coats ... A Real Danger For Your Pet

More than 2/3 of a cat's dead hair is ingested during daily cleaning. This can lead to several problems in the long run. Hair can accumulate in the stomach and intestines, causing saliva balls and hair that is not digested. When this happens, the cat tries to expel these through vomiting.


Take care of your relationship

Wildoggy™ Grooming Comb removes up to 95% of your cat's dead hair in less than 3 minutes.

According to many studies, using a brush for excess hair from cats creates and maintains a trusting and compliant relationship with your pet. In addition, regular cleaning is also an opportunity to check his health, detect scabs, unusual odors and other changes.



No more scratches and pains! 

Wildoggy™ Grooming Comb is designed to make the cat's grooming process pleasant, thanks to its central body the animal will not feel any discomfort and will enjoy a real massage during the cleaning. Its design is perfect for cats with long, medium and short hair! 

 Cleans surfaces 

It's also easy to wash and has dual uses. As well as being perfect for removing dead hair, it can be used to remove hair from the most uncomfortable surfaces like carpets or sofas, so you always keep your home clean and tidy. 


Cat hair has a social function

A cat's fur reflects how healthy the animal is. It also acts as a heat insulator, both from the cold and from the heat. The coat also has a social function, as cats are very sensitive to touch: it's their way of communicating both with other cats and with people. That's why you need to pay close attention to your cat's fur



How to take care of your cat's fur?

It is important to help your cat with the cleaning process, it is recommended to brush it daily for 5 minutes and in the opposite direction of the hair's natural growth to remove dead hairs and then in the opposite direction to make it soft and shiny. 



Wildoggy™ Grooming Comb Features 

Professional brush for cat hair:
Regular use of this cat brush for long-haired cats gently and effectively removes loose hair, tangled hair, knots and dirt that is stuck. Suitable for short, medium, long, coarse, fine or curly hair of dogs/cats to keep your pet shiny and healthy.

Skin-friendly :
The teeth of the comb are made of high quality plastic. As a cat hair removal brush, it is perfect for removing the hair and massaging your pet without scratching your pet's skin, even sensitive skin. 
3-in-1 pet grooming comb:
You can not only groom your pet, but also clean its body.
There are small teeth cuts on the back of the comb, so you can clean clothes and hair

Durable and washable:
The whole body is designed with a combination of ABS and silicone, which is very durable and washable.


Note: Towels are not included !!!

As each animal has different needs, we recommend that you use the cloths that you normally use for your pet.


Size: (L x W x H) 5,3×2,6×19 cm

Material: ABS/SILICONE Material: ABS/Silicone


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Customer Reviews

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Carol Metke

Wildoggy™ Grooming Kam

Mia L.

The product works well

Robert D.

Very practical and the hairs are removed very easily from the brush. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Lucas P.

I bought both colours for my 2 cats. Before I always had the house full of hair, clothes, blankets and carpets ... Now I brush the cat's hair regularly and they leave much less hair all over the house.

Benjamin L.

Finally a brush that my cat loves 😻