Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness
Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness
Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness
Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness
Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness
Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness
Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness
Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness
Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness

Wildoggy™ Waterproof Jacket With Built-in Harness

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Feel happier

93% of customers reported feeling much happier walking their dog when they know it's warm and comfortable, while 35% followed up with a message expressing how much they love that the jacket ensures their pup no longer gets pulled by the neck due to the no-pull feature.

Dogs also suffer from the cold

Like us humans, dogs suffer from cold.

While some of them are genetically predisposed to cope with colder temperatures, others - especially short-haired dogs and puppies - need a little extra attention so they don't suffer during cold spells.

Movement in winter

Pets feel cold but still want to move. Prefer more frequent but shorter walks, and if possible concentrate them in the middle of the day to expose the dog to low temperatures for a short time. Be careful of fingertips; cold burns can form on contact with the icy surface.

Coats and Jackets

In some cases, it may be useful to buy special dog sweaters or coats that do not bother the animal and at the same time protect it from low temperatures.

 Warm And Comfortable

The Wildoggy™  Dog Jacket keeps your dog warm and comfortable in cold weather, and the no-pull feature ensures you no longer hurt your dog's neck or cause general discomfort as the cord is attached to the D-ring on the body and NOT to the neck.

There's a built-in harness in our jacket that can be easily attached to any leash, so you can enjoy long walks with your furry friend even in cold weather.



As the name suggests, no-pull jackets work to minimize your dog's ability to pull hard on the leash during walks. They make it easier for the dog to pull hard on the leash via the chest. 

Waterproof and Windproof

Prepare your furry friend for winter: A waterproof and windproof jacket to keep your dog warm, dry and comfortable whether indoors or out.

Premium composite, fleece fabric and high quality product.
Shrinkable collar band gives your dog maximum protection from the elements.


Safety Is Important

Our jacket has a reflective thread that is visible at night and is designed to protect you and your dog during your walks together.

Every Dog Needs a Wildoggy™ Jacket

Save your dog the pain of being pulled in the neck area. The built-in harness allows the leash to be attached to the jacket instead of the collar. Comfortable and healthy all day, all night.

Comfortable To Wear - our dog jacket adopted high quality resin large zipper on the back, it is not easy to scratch and, and the large zipper is also easy to put on and take off.
Practical And Versatile -The harness design on the back is reflective and adjustable, can be connected with various dog leashes, you don't need to buy extra chest straps, you can use them together as a combined harness.
Waterproof - The dog coat is made of waterproof fabric, good wear resistance, more fashionable.The inside is made of composite fleece fabric, warm and comfortable.Use it and you can save a lot of time.
Windproof - The high collar band can effectively prevent wind. The elastic waistband is designed to sit closer to the body to keep warm. The reflective stripe on the back effectively ensures the dog's safety during night walks.
Visible At Night - reflective stripes to keep your companion safe during night walks
Built-in harness - no pulling on the neck
Sizing - Take the time to measure your dog. The size you normally order may not fit well, and we want to make sure you and your dog get the coat they were hoping for the first time. If you are close to a size, we recommend that you choose the larger size as these coats have great potential to be adjusted smaller, but not larger beyond their maximum size. If you have any questions, contact us and we'll be happy to help you choose the right one!



    Material : plaid

    Season : Autumn/Winter

    Suitable for : Small, medium and large dogs

    Shipping information.

    As ours is a fully customized product, it may take 8-15 days to ship during this period, holidays may take 8-15 days.

    Your order will be processed within 24-48 hours immediately after you place it, but we still need some time to deliver it to you.

    Our guarantees

    30 day money back guarantee
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    Tracking number for each delivery
    No hidden fees
    We have 24/7/365 ticket and email support. Please contact us if you need any      assistance at info@wildoggy.com


    QUESTION : I have a jack russell terrier and I haven't quite understood the measurements, can you help me?

    Answer : There is a table with all available sizes, take your measurements according to the table to see which size fits best.

    QUESTION : What is the material inside? Plaid?

    Answer : Yes, inside very soft and warm fleece, outside waterproof.

    QUESTION : Hi, is the leash strong enough for a dog that pulls?

    Answer : Yes, it is. It has a harness that goes all the way around.
    I have dogs that weigh 5/6 kg, but I think they can handle much more weight.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Solveig H. Hals

    Har ikke fått den enda. Synes det er lang leveringstid!

    Tobias Nissen

    I was looking for a winter jacket for dogs and this one caught my eye. It's a fantastic jacket and I have to say it's worth it. The outer layer is waterproof and the inner layer is super warm. It's really easy to put on and take off, and when walking your dog in the dark, the reflective stripe makes it easy to spot. This jacket is really well made and I know my dog will love it.

    Mathias Østergaard

    I got two in the same size, in green and this one. The quality is very good, but there is a slight difference in size, the pink one is bigger. I don't care, they are great because with the ribbons it was perfect. I recommend this seller.

    Victor Iversen

    This dog jacket fits perfectly and has high-quality materials and a good sewn-in harness.

    Johanne Schou

    Jeg er vild med det! Jakken ankom hurtigt og ligner den, som den er vist på billederne. Meget god kvalitet, godt syet, vil holde min hund Tyson varm i den kolde årstid.