How to use the Wildoggy™ Cats shovel

Follow these easy steps to get the maximum amount of waste into the Wildoggy™ Litter Shovel
  • When filling the container with a bag, be sure to push the bag all the way to the bottom of the container and into all four corners. 
  • Clean waste by shaking the scoop back and forth before putting it in the bin to avoid filling the bin with clean waste.
  • Shake the bin after every 2-3 scoops, or knock it on the floor to remove air pockets and make the waste settle at the bottom of the bin, leaving more space to continue scooping.
  • If a large lump gets caught between the bucket and the container, shake the bucket slightly in an upright position to make the lump fall into the container.
  • If you have large lumps, you can use the edge of the scoop to cut the lump in half before scooping it up.